Palm Coast Homes: 5 Smart Ideas for a Craft or Study Room

Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 11:10PM

If you’ve got a spare room on your hands, why not turn it into a craft or study room? These creative spaces are perfect for kids and adults alike, and can be easily put together with furniture and décor you already have on hand. Below, we will be sharing five of our best ideas for creating the perfect craft or study room in your Palm Coast home.

Make use of the right furniture for the job

The first step in assembling your creative space is finding the right furniture pieces for the job. These depend, of course, on the type of work you will be doing in the room. For meticulous projects that require careful measurements and stability, your best bet may be a sturdy desk and chair combo—but for other endeavors, like writing or painting, a softer sitting area might be smart to include. Think about what use now and how you would like to integrate that into your new space.

Remember, this room is for working, thinking and creating—you don’t need to overstuff it with furniture and décor pieces you won’t ever use! Stick to the basics for a room that’s all about the creative process.

Light up the space

Light is essential to any good project, so your creative space should naturally include an abundant amount of it. Make use of large windows and use curtains that let the light in when you want it—but are also able to be shut when it’s time to think or decompress.

Even if you don’t have much natural light in your space, you can still achieve the brightness you need by using recessed lighting or desk lamps that provide light and clarity for all of your projects.

Use smart storage for materials

When it comes to storing your supplies—whether they be books, writing utensils, paintbrushes, paints, etc.—you need storage solutions that are both effective and, of course, visually appealing. Consolidate your storage into a single, unified system through the addition of a wall unit or desk with plenty of added storage for supplies you may need while working. By keeping your supplies in a neat, orderly storage system, you will be able to spend less time searching for tools and more time doing what you know best—creating!

Create an effective, inspiring work area

The key to any good craft room or study space is an organized, inspiring work area. As we mentioned above, the work space that works best for you depends on your needs and preferences—but in any case, it should be bright enough to allow for clear, careful work and inspiring with family photos, motivational quotes and other unique additions.

When designing your work space, decide what you use and need most—in many cases, this will be pencils, pens and other basic tools—and keep those closest to your workspace. Other less frequently used supplies can be stored further away to make finding what you need a simpler process.

Decorate with creative elements

When it comes to décor, keep it simple but inspired. You may choose to decorate your walls, for example, with the works of people who inspire you or with pieces you’ve made yourself—whatever gets your creative juices flowing!

With a bit of inventive décor and the right materials, you can easily turn your spare room into a creative retreat you’ll love both thinking and working in.

Palm Coast Homes: 5 Smart Ideas for a Craft or Study Room

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