Palm Coast FL Real Estate: 5 Ideas for a Fresh New Foyer

Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 10:16AM

It’s often said that first impressions are everything—and when it comes to your home’s foyer and entryway, nothing could be truer! Your guests’ first start to get an idea of your home at the curb, and that idea is solidified when they walk through the door. Now for many of us, the foyer area often becomes a receptacle for shoes, wet umbrellas, backpacks and other items. If you’re lacking a sense of style in this area, first tidy it up—then try out one of these fresh ideas.

Add a mirror. Adding a mirror to your foyer space is one of the simplest things you can do to make a big difference in style. In many homes, the foyer might be a small, narrow space that doesn’t offer much light or openness. You can change that by adding a mirror for your wall! Whether it’s simple or comes with an ornate frame, a mirror can make the space seem bigger and more open.

For you, a mirror offers another great benefit: it can help you get ready as you head out the door on rushed weekday mornings!

Define the space. Many foyers simply suffer from a lack of purposeful design. You can change that by adding a piece of interesting wall art, foyer table and vase, unique light fixture, vibrantly-colored door or some other décor idea you’ve been meaning to try out.

Warm it up. You can help your guests feel warm and welcome upon entering your home by adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls. By painting your foyer walls a bright red, yellow or orange, for example, you can set the foyer apart from the rest of your home and make guests feel instantly at ease.

Invite guests in. What better way to invite visitors into your home than to literally lead them in? You can accomplish this by adding a runner rug to your foyer, a long and narrow rug that starts at the front door and leads into your home. We have also seen makeshift runners actually painted onto the floor in interesting, colorful—if you have a foyer floor worn down by years of foot traffic, this might be worth a try!

Get functional. Whether you have a family with kids or are just constantly on the go, you might desire more functionality in your foyer. You can do this while still maintaining the style you want! Take advantage of functional and attractive storage solutions like woven baskets, floating shelves, cubbies, wall hooks and shoe racks to keep clutter from accumulating on your floors.

Maximize space. If you find that your entryway or foyer space is getting too cramped, get creative about maximizing the space. For especially narrow foyers, avoid adding clunky side tables that make getting in and out of the home difficult. Instead, keep any storage or furniture to a minimum. If you have an awkward half wall in this space that doesn't work with your living area, consider taking it down—unlike taking down an entire wall (with wires, insulation and plumbing), taking down a superficial structure like this is a much easier process.

Palm Coast FL Real Estate: 5 Ideas for a Fresh New Foyer

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