Flagler County Homes: Creating a Garage You Love

Tue, Jun 07, 2016 at 10:20AM

Flagler County Homes: Creating a Garage You Love

Most of us probably wouldn’t say we “love” our garage—but why not? The garage is vital to the home, and it can provide storage, a place to unwind, a work area and much more. If you’re not using your garage to its full potential, try out these ideas for creating a garage you love.

Know your needs and wants for your garage

The first step in designing a garage you love is, of course, to identify what you want and need from your garage space. If your primary need is storage, that can be fairly easy to accomplish with some clever organizational ideas. However, if you’re looking to create a space that includes room for work and play, you will want to keep this in mind as you pursue your garage redesign. It will help you make better choices in how you organize your garage, what you hold on to and what additional purchases you may have to make.

Clear away the space

No matter what your plans may be for the garage redesign, it’s always smart to start with a clean slate. Clear your garage space and get ready to make decisions on what you want to keep, donate, throw away or repurpose. Have the family get together and help you make decisions on what you keep or part with—anything from clothes to tools to family mementos should be considered.

This is a great time to evaluate the “just-in-case” or “someday” items you’ve been meaning to find a good use for—if you haven’t used an item in six months, it’s probably best to part with it. You will be freeing up valuable garage space, while potentially helping a family through donation in the process.

Store up and to the sides

When it comes time to store the “keeper” items, it’s typically best to store to the sides and up (with ceiling racks) when possible, no matter the type of garage space you want to achieve. This setup ensures that you have the most room to work with—so whether you plan to use your garage as a workshop or as a fun place to play table games, you’ll have the space to do it.

If you notice that your current shelves, bins or boxes aren’t working for you, use this time to pick up new storage solutions that better suit your needs.

Create a livable space

Finally, be sure to creative a livable space that mirrors your home’s interior. While it may still be a garage, your space doesn’t have to be dull or industrial—you can add touches of home by adding a cozy area rug, for example, or a craft box perfect for a kids’ play space. By creating a more livable space, you will be more likely to treat it like an extension of your home.

Our garages provide us with valuable space and square footage—so be sure to use yours to the fullest! We hope that these ideas help you find ways to do just that.

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