Flagler County Homes: Building in Fall

Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 4:50PM

Have you been waiting for the “right time” to build your dream home in Flagler County? With fall and winter right around the corner, that time may be now. A number of factors combine at this time of year that can make home building a pleasant, efficient process—and we’re looking at a few in today’s blog!

The weather advantage

While in colder states you may worry about the snow interfering with your build, that’s no such concern here in Florida! In fact, our fall and winter weather is perfect building weather. It gives your builders a chance to do their job in a comfortable setting, and you and your family the ability to visit and help as often as you’d like without getting too hot. Starting your build this fall also means less chance of summer storms getting in the way of construction. The process can go much smoother when rain, lightning and wind don’t hold the builders up or jeopardize the project itself. 

Availability of labor and construction materials

If you’ve never been involved in a home build before, you might never have given a second thought to the ability or cost of labor and construction materials. But did you know that building in the fall and winter months means that all the parts, materials, and labor you need will be more accessible to you and likely come at a better price? This is because lots of homeowners save home improvement and other big projects for the spring. You will be able to beat the rush and enjoy a stress free build that’s finished up by the time everyone else starts on their spring projects.

More time to work out the kinks

Like many homeowners, you probably want your new home to be up and running in time for spring and summer, when the kids are out of school and you want to enjoy the new home and backyard most. If you’re looking forward to warm weather entertaining, building your home over the fall and winter can let you accomplish that. 

What you may not be envisioning as you think about your home build—bumps in the road and things that may need fixing—can require more time and labor during or even after the build itself. And while you may not be expecting these small surprises, it’s good to get started on your home build well in advance of when you really want to enjoy it. If you’re not sure about building a pool, change your mind about an outdoor structure, or decide last minute to spring for patio kitchen, these are all things that can be taken care of… but they do take time, so be sure to allow for that when deciding when to start your home build.

We can help you build the custom Flagler County home of your dreams this fall. For an experience you’ll remember (and a home you love), please call us today at (386) 742-0274. We look forward to working with you!


Flagler County Homes: Building in Fall

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