7 Ways to Improve Your Master Bath

Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 11:25PM

Your master bathroom shouldn’t just be a place where you shower and get ready for work—it should be a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place where you can unwind and decompress in luxury! Through the careful selection of colors and materials, you can accomplish just that. In today’s blog, we’re looking at seven smart ways to get there.

Add vintage elements

If you’re feeling uninspired when it comes to your bathroom redesign, consider adding vintage elements from outside the bathroom. An old nightstand can be refinished and turned into a handy storage spot for towels and toiletries, for example, and mirrors from your bedroom or other spots can be made new and added to your bathroom wall.

“Warm up” to new ideas

A little warmth can go a long way in your bathroom. A towel warmer, heated toilet seat or even heated floors are all great ways to warm up your bathroom and make your space feel cozier and a bit more luxurious.

Focus on the bath

For big design changes, look to your bath. Do you use it often, or would you prefer having a streamlined shower in its place? The answers to these questions will help you decide the direction of your bathroom remodel.

For example, if you decide that you prefer sticking with an actual bath, you might want to switch up the design by expanding it or replacing it with a standalone tub. If showers are more your style, consider adding a door or improving the space with customizable jets.

Retile your space

Any tub or shower can be made unique by tiling (or retiling) its walls. Create a unique, colorful mosaic design or a streamlined striped look—whatever you do will add a one-of-a-kind visual character you’ll love.

Try a new sink

Consider how your current sink is serving you, and decide if a new type would work better. For example, many of us prefer the counter space that comes with traditional sinks—but if you don’t need the extra surface, consider making the switch to a pedestal style instead. This is a fresh switch that will update the look of any bathroom.

Maximize your storage

For a bathroom upgrade that’s as functional as it is visually appealing, look to your storage. You can use drawer organizers or racks in your bathroom cabinets to make the most of that space and keep more clutter under control. Lacking in cabinet space? Don’t worry—you can add floating shelves to your bathroom walls to hold toiletries, towels and other necessities to keep your space feeling light and clutter-free.

Switch out your hardware

A simple hardware switch might be all you need to make a great new impression in your bathroom space. Swap out your current hardware to a set that’s more modern, for example, for an effective but understated change.

We hope that these ideas help you design a master bath you love! Let us know how you plan to work these steps into your upcoming bathroom renovation or custom build.

7 Ways to Improve Your Master Bath

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