6 Best Uses of House Plants for Your Central Florida Home

Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 11:45PM

By now, you likely already know the benefits of adding a house plant (or several!) to your living space. Doing so can improve your mental clarity and relax your mind on extra busy days—all while adding visual interest to your space.

House plants are fantastic additions… but do you know how to best use them to your advantage? In today’s blog, we will be sharing six of our favorite uses for house plants in your home.

Add a focal point to your coffee table or mantel

Every living space needs a great focal point to anchor the room and add visual interest... and lacking a fireplace, large piece of wall art or striking outdoor view is no reason for a room to lack the visual “wow” factor altogether! A strategically placed plant on your coffee table or living room mantel might be the best way to give your space the color and life it’s been missing.

Hang plants from your kitchen ceiling

To add the earthy, wholesome nature of your kitchen or eating space, consider suspending your favorite plants from the ceiling. This can draw guests’ eyes upward and provide everyone with a sight to enjoy as they munch on a snack or enjoy family breakfast.

Add a touch of green to your bathroom

Does your pristine bathroom feel stark or clinical in nature? To add some character and provide for a much needed pop of color, you don’t need to invest in a remodel or paint job just yet. Add a bright green house plant to your space to create a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Wake up inspired with a nightstand plant

If your mornings could use a dose of inspiration or creativity, why not try adding a bright potted plant to your night stand or dresser? A healthy plant is a great thing to wake up to every morning, and it can provide a sense of mental clarity on those days when work and other commitments prevent you from really relaxing.

Decorate your sunroom

If your home has a sunroom, this should be one of the places where family and guests feel most connected to nature. Add to this feeling by decorating your sunroom with your favorite floor plants. Not only will many varieties thrive in the sunlight, they will help you mark off your sunroom as a truly relaxing and rejuvenating escape among the hustle and bustle of your home.

Fill shelves with bright, green plants

To add a bit of color and brightness to your office or study space, consider using small potted plants as decorative pieces on your bookshelves. They work great at breaking up a largely monotone bookshelf, and can help to spark your creative senses in an easy and effective way.

Which of these house plant ideas do you plan on trying in your home this spring? Be sure to let us know! We hope that your green addition breathes new life into your living room, office, den or bedroom in the months ahead.

6 Best Uses of House Plants for Your Central Florida Home

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