5 Tips for a Successful Home Tour

Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 9:54AM

Are you interested in touring one of our Plantation Reserve Estates models? The fall is a great time to get out there and visit potential homes in person, even if you’re not ready to build or buy just yet. Before you visit, check out the list below for tips on how to make the most out of your model home tour.

Bring a notebook and pen.

Before you head out the door to your home tour, don’t forget to pack a notebook and pen! These simple tools should give you an easy place to jot down ideas before the tour and as they came up. Once you get your answers during the tour, write down hard facts (costs, any measurements you may need, square footage, etc.) and even less concrete ideas, like general décor ideas for a specific room or other things you notice during the tour.

Ask questions and express your ideas.

The sole purpose of visiting a home is to give yourself an idea of what the home is like, and how you and your family might fit in. So don’t be afraid to ask questions when you can! If there’s something you don’t love about the home, don’t feel the need to keep quiet about it—often times, the home building process allows for some customization and you will get to have a say in what stays and what doesn’t. 

Learn to “look past.”

Is there a part of the home, backyard or other aspect you just don’t love? In many cases, you may find that learning to “look past” these small details can help you better understand the home and imagine you and your family in it. Don’t let small things like décor choices sway you and prevent you from seeing the home for all it can be—especially since these details can be changed once you move in. This is an especially important tip when you are visiting a home model you plan to build. Don’t let things like the model’s physical location get in the way of the big picture—if you’re building, you get to choose the lot and location yourself!

Bring a helper.

Bringing someone along who can help you ask all the right questions and look past small details can be immensely helpful. This person can be anyone—a friend, a spouse, a child—but you should definitely at least bring along whoever may be deciding with you. Give them a chance to see everything you see and make a decision from the same material. Not to mention—picking out what may very well turn out to be your dream home is an emotional, exciting experience! Spend it with others who will be just as happy for you.

Take pictures.

You may think you’ll be so in love with the home you visit that you won’t need any photos to refresh your memory… but this just isn’t the case! Photos can help you visualize the space days, weeks or months after seeing it and can help you make important decisions—so be sure to take some. You don’t need to bring along your digital camera and tripod, however; your smartphone camera will work just fine!We hope that these tips can help you better prepare for and maximize your home tour experience. Please let us know if you’re interested in visiting a model today, or if you have other questions regarding the building or buying process.


5 Tips for a Successful Home Tour

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