5 Tips for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Wed, Dec 02, 2015 at 7:50PM

Is a wintertime dinner party marked on your calendar in the next few weeks? This time of year is a great time to enjoy the cooler weather and get together with family and friends over a freshly-cooked meal—so outdoor dining is a must!

In today’s blog, we are sharing five tips you can use to maximize your outdoor kitchen this season.

Keep it well-stocked with your favorite drinks and treats

The key to any great kitchen is, of course, plenty of food and drinks for your guests to enjoy. Keep your outdoor kitchen stocked with everyone’s favorite goodies so they won’t have to head inside every time they need a refill.

Today’s modern outdoor kitchens are equipped to store food safely, but there are still a few basic precautions to take to keep your food fresh and safe from outdoor intruders. Be sure to seal foods that have been opened so they don’t attract bugs or other pests, and make sure all your cabinet or fridge doors are shut at the end of the night.

By keeping your outdoor kitchen regularly stocked, you will never be unprepared for an impromptu dinner party or get together!

Clean regularly

Even though you may not use it as much as your indoor kitchen, your outdoor eating and cooking space should still be kept clean when not in use. Take a few minutes every couple of days to wipe down surfaces and clear away any debris that may have fallen into your food prep area.

Prepare your cooking space beforehand

While you may enjoy cooking and prepping food for your family and friends, you don’t want to spend that valuable time inside searching for cooking tools, food and other materials. Prepare your cooking space beforehand by gathering all the tools for the job and setting them up outside. This way, you will be able to enjoy the act of cooking while surrounded by loved ones—which is exactly why we love outdoor kitchens so much!

Keep drinks, snacks and silverware easily accessible for guests

As the host of your dinnertime get together, you want to make drinks, snacks, silverware and other items ready and easily accessible for guests as they need them throughout the night. However, their access shouldn’t interfere with your cooking! If possible, set aside commonly used items like drinks, napkins and silverware at the end of the counter so your guests can come and go as they please without having to stop the flow of cooking.

Get everyone involved

Part of what makes an outdoor kitchen so enjoyable is that everyone can get involved in the cooking process while enjoying the weather outdoors. Gather around your family and friends and give them small jobs around the kitchen—whether they should help with food prep, setting the table, serving drinks… whatever it may be.

As you’ll find, your dinnertime get together can be even more memorable when everyone plays a part!

5 Tips for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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